North of Scotland 49 years
1971 - 2021 Single Cask "West"

North of Scotland 49 years 1971 - 2021 Single Cask "West"


Bottler Boogieman Import
Distillery / brand North of Scotland
Range  East vs West
Region Lowlands
Content Size 0.7 liter
Alcohol percentage 40,4%
Age 49 jaar
Distilled 12-1971
Bottled 06-2021
Cask type Hogshead
Number of bottles 56

North of Scotland was founded in 1957 by George Chistie and closed its doors in 1980. The distillery was completely dismantled in 1993.

Within the walls of this grain distillery was also a pot still for producing malt whisky. This pot still was removed in 1959.


Colour: Golden brown.

Nose: Freshly roasted nuts. Cappuccino. Clear wood aromas. Every time you bring the glass to your nose, a different smell emerges. Like waxing old furniture. So complex and oh so tasty.

Taste: Despite the 49 years, no splinters on the tongue. But subtly dry at the start. The age is clearly perceptible. In fact, all the ingredients of an old-fashioned Christmas cake come to the fore in the flavour: sultanas, currants, bigarreaux (glacé cherries), candied orange zest, nutmeg, spices, chopped almonds and a hint of maple syrup at the end. We already know what we will end our Christmas dinner with.

Finish: The nutty character in particular makes for a long mature aftertaste.

WHISKY review

Sniff: The nose starts with hints of applie pie and oak. Not too much vanilla in this one, with more baked apple and brown sugar. A bit of moss and ferns too, so some forest like notes as well. A bit more vanilla turns up after a little while, with some black pepper and sawdust.
Sip: The palate is quite light with a lot of oak, apple, pepper and a note of sand. So ever so slightly coastal. Sawdust, green tree bark, black tea, peach stones and peach skin.
Swallow: The finish stays on the dry side of things, but adds a bit more sweetness than there was on the palate. Applie pie, some foresty notes with ferns and moss. Less pepper but more vanilla.

At some point a few years more in oak don’t really influence the dryness or oak flavors in a whisky. I guess around 50 years old it turns out that that is the case. This one isn’t more cask forward than the other, which is a good thing.
The addition of the moss and fern notes in this one are rather interesting. The notes of tea that are present are very interesting again, and makes for an absolutely gorgeous whisky.


WHISKY review

Nose: slightly more oak polish and very light solventy notes up front. Hints of lamp oil, aniseed, sawdust, ginger and orange marmalade. Hints of vanilla, leather and brown sugar in the background. Closer to American whiskey – and classic grains – than the Cameronbridge.
Mouth: drier with more oak again, leading to white pepper, sawdust as well as a touch of bitterness (cinchona bark). Leather. Hints of baked apple and orange peels, aniseed and hints of pine resin.
Finish: longer than the Cameronbridge, but also drier. Leafy notes, some pepper and over-infused green tea.
A nice nose again, steering of the usual pitfalls of very old grain whiskies. On the palate I feel the wood is taking the upper hand, developing a (relative) astringency that costs a few points.


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